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Louise Reed

Louise received a graduate degree in physics in 1993. She lives in Richmond, VA and is founder and CEO of Afloat, Inc., a start-up that is one of the first real-use cases of blockchain technology in the accounting industry. Louise has always loved learning about concepts that seem to push her reality into a new reality from learning about negative numbers in first grade, relativity in high school, vector spaces and Fourier series in college to blockchain technology most recently. In her free time she loves exercising in teams outside before the sun comes up and discussing philosophical psychology (or psychological philosophy) with her daughter that is now 21. More recently, she has discovered the physical and psychological benefits of relaxing or meditating in an infrared sauna almost daily, sometimes actively listening to classical music for the first time since college music theory class.

L's Taken


"Thank you for applying but..."

  • AICPA Accelerator Program 

  • NC Blockchain Initiative 

  • BCBS of NC 

  • Davidson College Special Summer Wait List


Things I thought I'd finish but never did


Everyday L's of life

• My daughter's face when I think I get her but wasn't listening well enough • Almost immediately falling asleep when reading a book for pleasure • Feeling betrayed by friends and family • Lack of transparency in markets • Control being packaged as love • Gifts that end up being attached with strings

On the Bright Side


Memories I made when I wasn't working/studying


Things I've learned that will still matter in 10 years

• How to listen and trust my daughter's voice, at all ages and in all situations •. How to present alternative realities and options when others are stressed •. How to catch myself forcing a solution •. Boundaries - mine and others - professionally and personally •. The law is there to protect you •. Hash functions, decentralized ledgers •. How to mitigate expectations


TV shows, movies, and books I've enjoyed


Things I'm proud of that you won't see on my resume

• Passing the qualifying exam in physics for the PhD program at Duke • Having extreme empathy for my daughter's step-mother attacking me in court • Bringing together a therapist and lawyer in the same room to prep for a custody trial • Winning two custody trials and an appeal with a strategy of defending, not attacking • Loving, in the deepest of my hearts, being a mother • My experience of a spiritual world where ESP, physics and religions intersect comfortably • Being proud of my mothering skills - when I remember to put on the hat


Unconventional skills

• Auctioneering • Cracking a bull whip • Reading farm animals, in general • Raising deer • Buying alt coins • Seeing power


Quirks that make me who I am


Small joys in my life

• Watching my daughter pick the next book on her bookshelf to read • Spontaneous competitions of short sprints after a workout • Dancing in my foyer to Safety Dance • Someone one-upping my esoteric humor or nerdy interpretation of life events in the moment • Teaching a little kid what zero times a million is • Watching a dog be proud of having learned a command • Being spun and dipped on the dance floor • Building, watching and stoking a fire • Campfire singing with one or more guitars • Facial expressions when someone learns currency is only a social construct


Obstacles I have overcome


Things I've done that pushed me out of my comfort zone

• Exercising among very fit people when I was overweight and out of shape • Being thrown up in the air and caught by 8 people in the dark without props • Being an expert witness in a court room


Failures that seemed like the end of the world back then but don't matter in hindsight

• Not enjoying physics research • Not being a well-respected high school physics teacher • Not checking up on the submittal of a state tax return for a client • Receiving a pay decrease at work • Losing a client as a CPA


Leaps of Faith

• Trusting the professionals and court system could protect me • Buying my grandmother's house before figuring out custody • Trusting that my daughter's needs could be met in her father's home • Funding a high-tech start-up built on blockchain technology at a level that surprises me


Life events that have made me stronger

• 10+ year high-conflict divorce • Trusting my internal intuition or external signs when it didn't make any intellectual sense • Owning my own CPA firm • Managing programmers when I didn't know how to program or manage


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