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Luke Qin

Junior at Duke studying CS! I chose CS because I think it's fun to build software and create value from thin air where it did not exist before.

L's Taken


"Thank you for applying but..."

  • Stripe SWE Internship 

  • Robinhood SWE Internship 

  • Roblox SWE Internship 

  • Benchling SWE Internship 

  • SigOpt SWE Internship 

  • Lattice SWE Internship 

  • Rocket Lab GNC Internship 

  • Coinbase SWE Internship 

  • Pinterest SWE Internship 

  • Lyft SWE Internship 

  • Sentry SWE Internship 

  • Scale SWE Internship 

  • Toast SWE Internship 

  • Scale and Coin Fall 2018 Rush 

  • Like 1000s of emails that got ghosted 

  • Prom King hahaha


Things I thought I'd finish but never did

  • PowerPoint Alternative Project 

  • COVID QR Code Scanning Project 

  • EdTech Startup for K-6 STEM Kits 

  • Developer API for Publishing Algo Trading 

  • Slides Note Taking Project • Crispr Research


Everyday L's of life

  • Not knowing how to cook 

  • Not knowing how to swim 

  • Wanting to read a bunch of things but never having the time to read it all 

  • Wanting to be better at math 

  • Wanting to do bio research again 

  • Wanting to be a more coherent thinker and communicator 

  • Wanting to write and journal more

On the Bright Side


Memories I made when I wasn't working/studying

  • Dancing to the vibe 

  • Going on the Market Place Roof 

  • Skydiving 

  • Exploring some tunnels (unspecified in location) 

  • Going trick or treating 

  • Hot pot


Things I've learned that will still matter in 10 years

  • Making sure to appreciate the little things and every moment since everything passes by so quickly. 

  • Not idolizing any particular destination and just focusing on the journey 

  • Listening


TV shows, movies, and books I've enjoyed

  • Spongebob Squarepants (individual who lives in a pineapple under the sea) 

  • Mr. Beast (YouTube) • Minecraft (video game) 

  • Contrapoints (YouTube) 

  • The Boys (Amazon) 

  • Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter 

  • Great Founder Theory by Samo Burja 

  • Meditations by Marcus Aurelius


Things I'm proud of that you won't see on my resume

  • Loyalty 

  • Humor 

  • Volunteering


Unconventional skills

  • Making birthday cards 

  • Vibing 

  • Understanding the mood of my cat 

  • Stop motion animation


Quirks that make me who I am

  • The dimensionality of the vibe 

  • Only one dimple 

  • Useless productivity hacks 

  • Breaking rules that no-one cares about


Small joys in my life

  • The way that the air smells 

  • Water 

  • Beepy boopies 

  • My friends Viv and Vik 

  • The sun 

  • Starry night 

  • Memes


Obstacles I have overcome


Things I've done that pushed me out of my comfort zone


Failures that seemed like the end of the world back then but don't matter in hindsight


Leaps of Faith


Life events that have made me stronger


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