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Nolan Burroughs

I am a junior majoring in Computer Engineering and Computer Science and minoring in Philosophy. Software development is my main interest, but I also wanted to be in Pratt. This summer I will be returning for my second internship at Amazon, and I will see where things go from there.

L's Taken


"Thank you for applying but..."

  • Everywhere I applied at the Career Fair 

  • Garmin 

  • Hallmark


Things I thought I'd finish but never did

  • The Goblet of Fire 

  • East of Eden 

  • A Marathon (RIP the last four miles) 

  • Shippuden War Arc 

  • Marvel's Civil War 2 Arc 

  • Learning Guitar


Everyday L's of life

  • My inability to fall asleep before 3 am 

  • Permanent bed head 

  • The constant decision of whether or not to put on shoes or just wear flip-flops 

  • Tripping on stairs when I'm not paying attention 

  • Being unable to read texts when I don't have my glasses on

On the Bright Side


Memories I made when I wasn't working/studying

  • Games of Catan 

  • 3am chats in the common room 

  • Taking over a study room for hours to play Rising Sun 

  • Staying up all night LDOC to see the release of End Game 

  • Frisbee golfing in the middle of the night with friends


Things I've learned that will still matter in 10 years

  • If you aren't sure if you want to do something, you probably don't 

  • Isolation turns mistakes into bad habits 

  • Everything is better when listening to music 

  • There's no better conversation than when everyone's too tired to have a filter


TV shows, movies, and books I've enjoyed

  • Words of Radiance 

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 

  • Ender's Shadow 

  • The Hero of Ages 

  • Watchmen 

  • Rhythm of War 

  • Logan


Things I'm proud of that you won't see on my resume

  • I've read every book in the Cosmere 

  • I read every Game of Thrones book in two weeks 

  • I always keep my promises 

  • I have been in multiple ballets (I cannot dance, though)


Unconventional skills

  • I can juggle 

  • I can somewhat sew 

  • I have copious knowledge about the Missouri Mormon War 

  • Decent country accent 

  • Notably bad at rolling dice


Quirks that make me who I am


Small joys in my life


Obstacles I have overcome


Things I've done that pushed me out of my comfort zone


Failures that seemed like the end of the world back then but don't matter in hindsight


Leaps of Faith


Life events that have made me stronger


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