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Caroline Gamard

I'm a senior from Fairhope, AL majoring in psychology, and I'm super interested in mindfulness-based therapies. Next year I'll be starting my doctorate in clinical psychology! My favorite things to do are read (novels and the New York Times), listen to music, and go on walks.

L's Taken

"Thank you for applying but..."


Things I thought I'd finish but never did

  • The chemistry major

  • Social media (I quit Instagram)

  • A serious relationship

  • A senior thesis

  • A Me Too Monologue


Everyday L's of life

  • On Valentine’s Day I wiped out on the stairs in Craven and a cute boy helped me up and I didn’t get his number (if you are said cute boy please reach out)

  • I wore my favorite pair of brand new white sneakers to Shooters

  • Sometimes I park in the last lot of Blue Zone because I’m too afraid to park between two cars

  • Multiple times I have walked all the way to the Loop to get a grape cup and they didn't have any

On the Bright Side


Memories I made when I wasn't working/studying

  • Eating Monuts in the gardens with my sister

  • Seeing multiple concerts at Cat's Cradle

  • Reading scripture in the Chapel

  • Having a charcuterie picnic in the graveyard in Blue Zone

  • Trying so many of the restaurants in downtown Durham


Things I've learned that will still matter in 10 years

  • Sleep>all other priorities

  • How to make values-based decisions

  • How to be okay with silence

  • What I think about God and the church

  • No one can be your friend if you don’t let people see who you truly are

  • It’s okay to value kindness and peace and rest over accomplishments and prestige and perfection

  • It can be really restful to do things by myself. I don’t have to be with my friends all the time

  • It is never too late to change my life


TV shows, movies, and books I've enjoyed

  • Books only!

  • Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer. EVERY SINGLE PERSON NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK.

  • Anxious People by Fredrik Backman

  • The Overstory by Richard Powers

  • I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak

  • Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi

  • The Midnight Library by Matt Haig


Things I'm proud of that you won't see on my resume

  • After 2.5 years as a chemistry major I had a dream that I should change my major and the next week I changed it to psychology. I’d never taken a psych class before

  • My killer taste in music

  • My resilience

  • My meditation and journaling practices

  • The number of novels I’ve made time to read in college

  • My incredible family

  • My ability to ask for help

  • The miles I've walked on and around Duke's campus

Things I want to get better at


Thing I'm looking forward to in the future

  • Graduate school in a field that I am seriously passionate about


Small joys in my life

  • The song “The Roving” by Bonny Light Horseman

  • Papermate Inkjoy gel pens

  • Grogu

  • Being the only person in the Div library reference room

  • Turning all the thermostats in Hollows to 75 degrees


Obstacles I have overcome

  • Choosing a major that was totally wrong for me

  • Research in two wet labs

  • Serious heartbreak

  • Not making it through sorority rush

  • Feeling like I didn’t have any “real friends” at Duke until my junior year

  • The C1 driving away as I was SPRINTING up

  • Physics 142

Things I've done that pushed me out of my comfort zone

Failures that seemed like the end of the world back then but don't matter in hindsight

Ways I take care of myself

Unconventional skills


of the best quotes overheard at Duke

  • "I think we accidentally succeeded" - my orgo lab partner

  • "Rum and coke tastes like poisoned coke" - my friend at a party

  • "Power is in the hands of kindness" - my FOCUS professor

  • Boy in the common room cutting his friend a slice of cake: "How many radians?" Friend: "Pi over six?" Boy: "Okay, that good?" Friend: "No that's pi over three!"

  • "It's okay if you don't like math. No one does." - my math 112 TA

  • "I don't want anybody to enjoy summer." - same math 112 TA

  • "Bookbagging is an illusion" - prof

  • "Where we're going we don't need axes" - prof

  • "What's your favorite keyboard shortcut of all time?" - kid on the C1

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