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Zahra Hassan

Hey! I'm Zahra, a sophomore studying economics and the difference between every espresso drink (one day I'll remember the difference between a machiatto and cortado). When avoiding classwork, I like to toot my own horn in Duke's marching band, rock climb, and eat charcuterie boards with my bestie/roommate.

L's Taken


"Thank you for applying but..."

  • The Metropolitian Museum of Art


  • Several Real Estate intenships

  • The Wisconsin State Investment Board

  • The Whitney Museum

  • DukeEngage DC (before getting off the waitlist!)

Things I thought I'd finish but never did


Everyday L's of life

  • The Duke vs. UNC game

  • Taking an umbrella with me when I don't need one, and leaving it behind when I do

  • Any and all group projects

  • Scraping my knees after failing routes on the Wilson rock climbing wall

  • Getting excited about my Marriage Pact match before my friends inform you that he, in fact, sucks

  • Forgetting to turn in homework (twice) before getting loudly called out on it by my Art Markets professor

  • Failed Wordles

  • Being billed for a Panera coffee subscription I haven't used for months

  • Midterm grade: 32%

  • Juggling two zoom meetings at once...unsuccessfully

  • Getting ghosted :(

On the Bright Side


Memories I made when I wasn't working/studying

  • Eating scoops of tea flavored ice-cream with my best friend

  • Drunk dancing with cool alumni at a Crowell quad kegger

  • Fabric painting my shoes, shorts, and a shirt at a DuArts event

  • Watching Hasan Minaj's stand-up at DPAC

  • Spilling tea with my Teach for America fellowship kids

  • Taking a spur-of-the-moment solo day trip to Philly

  • Making a tie-dye shirt that I would actually wear

  • Having fancy breakfast with a good friend & my favorite professor (I <3 Fullenkamp)

  • Sunbathing with 4 friends during the classic Miami spring break vacation

  • Seeing a bunch of museums & Broadway shows when I studied away in NYC

  • Thrifting my new favorite hoodie, complete with devil horns and wings

  • Compiling photos of all my friends that hang around my room on fairy lights

  • Helping 2 amazing low-income high schoolers get full-ride scholarships at Haverford & Rice

  • Cheering alongside my classmates in the Cameron Indoor Watch party (before we lost)

Things I've learned that will still matter in 10 years

TV shows, movies, and books I've enjoyed

Things I'm proud of that you won't see on my resume


Things I want to get better at

  • Getting less distracted when I work

  • Dancing without looking like an uncooked spaghetti noodle

  • Rock climbing

  • Eating healthier/learning how to cook

  • Caring less about what others think

  • Not reverting to wearing a large hoodie & sweatpants when I don't know what to wear

  • Having less jealousy for other people's successes

  • Doing things that make me happy, and dropping things that don't

  • Making small sacrifices that would help future me

  • Exercising regularly

Things I'm looking forward to in the future


Small joys in my life

  • Collecting more free Duke shirts than any normal person ever needs

  • Every single Duke basketball game (even the ones we lose)

  • The rare good hair day

  • Petting Peaches and Mama Bean (as long as they're in a good mood)

  • Late night caffeine & chats with Elliot at Bella Union

  • Free lemon curd Locopops (or any Locopops)

  • Actually getting the classes I wanted during registration

  • Late night board games with my blockmates

  • Late night gardens walks with those same blockmates

  • Wine & charcuterie nights with, you guessed it, the same blockmates

  • Nasher brunches (mmm, the salmon benedict)

  • Having random convos with strangers on the C1

  • Honestly, nabbing any free thing Duke events provide


Obstacles I have overcome

  • Drinking way too much coffee (now just 2 cups a day!)

  • Not spending money on anything I wanted/needed

  • Never trying new hobbies because "it's too late to start now"

Things I've done that pushed me out of my comfort zone

Failures that seemed like the end of the world back then but don't matter in hindsight

Ways I take care of myself

Unconventional skills

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